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Johns Lyng Group NRL Tipping Competition 2017

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(After round 26)
  Tipper Company Team Score Total Rank Move  
  Kirby, Noel Johns Lyng Brisbane North Queensland Cowboys 3 96 51st
  Tamou, Lesley Johns Lyng QLD Brisbane Broncos 3 95 52nd
  Davis, Karli Johns Lyng Group Canterbury Bulldogs 3 94 53rd
  O'sullivan, Jake Johns Lyng Newcastle Brisbane Broncos 3 91 54th
  Jordan, Liv Johns Lyng Group Melbourne Storm 3 91 55th
  Hailes, Daniel NSW Regional Parramatta Eels 2 90 56th
  Ebrington, Gavin CRD Building Consultants and Engineers Parramatta Eels 3 90 57th
  Tripodina, Robert JLG IT POWER NSW Canterbury Bulldogs 3 89 58th
  Boumelhem, Goeil Restorx NSW - Major Loss Canterbury Bulldogs 3 89 59th
  Faumui, Danissa RestorX Services NSW New Zealand Warriors 3 89 59th
  Kulanthaivelu, Vithun Johns Lyng Group Melbourne Storm 3 89 59th
  Prior, Philip Johns Lyng Group Parramatta Eels 3 89 62nd
  King, Maryann Johns Lyng Group IB Brisbane Broncos 3 89 63rd
  Clancy, Gavin Johns Lyng Regional Qld North Queensland Cowboys 3 88 64th
  Moss, Ian Express North Queensland Cowboys 3 87 65th
  McCloskey, Chris Restorx Newcastle Knights 3 86 66th
  Forrester, Dyllan Company 65 - Johns Lyng Newcastle Knights 3 86 67th
  Oates, Jason CRD Building Consultants and Engineers Cronulla Sharks 3 86 67th
  Mclachaln, Luke Sunstate cleaning Brisbane Broncos 3 85 69th
  Watson, Shane Anglicare St. George-Illawarra 3 84 70th
  Froeschl, Georg LMI Group Canberra Raiders 3 80 71st
  Tuatara, Jemaine Johns Lyng Newcastle New Zealand Warriors 3 63 72nd
  Fullick, Joel Johns Lyng Newcastle Newcastle Knights 3 47 73rd
  Richer, Michael Johns Lyng Canberra Canberra Raiders 3 47 73rd
  Varley, Luke Newcastle Restorx Brisbane Broncos 3 47 73rd
  Woodland, Mathew Johns Lyng Regional Parramatta Eels 3 47 73rd
  Brandt, Claudia Newcastle RestorX North Queensland Cowboys 3 46 77th